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Minutes - Chapter #1011 2014 09-01

Esther Freeman (Esther is currently servicing as chapter president and secretary. She has been a USA Dance chapter member since 1995)

USA Dance Chapter #1011

Board Meeting

Monday, September 01, 2014 - 6:00 PM

Freeman Home in Medford, Oregon

CALLED TO ORDER: Meeting called to order at 6:11 PM by chapter president. Five board members present and four absent.


  1. Esther Freeman, President
  2. Jenny Childers, Vice President
  3. Tanya DeHart, Treasurer
  4. Maie Grynick, Board Member
  5. Larry Nadig, Board Member


  1. Jean-Paul Baarsma, Board Member
  2. Tara Behnke, Board Member
  3. Jeri Capuzo, Board Member
  4. June Kranenburg, Board Member


Motion by Esther to approve meetings of August 25, 2014. One typo was corrected. Motion seconded by Maie approved unanimously.


  1. There is no change in the bank balance since last meeting. Balance remains at $11,304.

  2. Motion to approve budget of $8,840 was made by Larry and seconded by Jenny. Motion passed with Tanya abstaining. Details as follows:

    1. North Medford High School will consist of 112 classes and as discussed earlier, June will make arrangements for student teachers to instruct for almost half of the classes. This change will reduce the cost of the North Medford High Dance Program from $6,720 to $3,480. We feel confident with this arrangement because some of the students will be taking the class for the third time. This is an elective class and last spring there were 70 students signed up.

    2. South Medford High School (providing we are able to finalize this with a new PE coach at the school) will consist of 65 classes (from January through June) at a cost of $3,360. (Note: this number should have been $3,900 and the additional $540 will be voted on at next board meeting)

    3. Cori's Youth Competition: $1,000 will be donated to the Evergreen Ballroom and it can be spent where most needed. It was noted that donations can still be made through USA Dance and we will pass it on so donors may continue to receive a donation receipt from USA Dance.

    4. Scholarship Program chaired by Marilee. Board decided to set aside $1,000 to be used for youth (age 18 and under). Board will require complete paperwork and proper signatures before authorizing payments. We hope to be able to raise money to more fully fund this program but until we do, the board is not comfortable promising money we do not have available.


  1. Scholarship Report Discussion: The board has reviewed the scholarship procedure and forms and see no real need to change much except to follow the procedures that have already been approved. When the scholarships come to a meeting for a board members signature, the board wants to review all information and will require a complete package.
  2. Youth Competition Report: Board hopes that finances will be more stable in the future so we can take more of an interest in youth competitions. We feel comfortable with committing to a donation to Evergreen Ballroom of $1,000 to help with this year's events. Unlike Jeff's donation which is used for scholarship money the USA Dance donation can be used for teachers, supplies or whatever Cori needs it for.
  3. School K-12 Program Report: June was not able to attend meeting but worked with Esther earlier in the day to answer some questions. We are planning for 112 classes at North Medford High (starting tomorrow) and 65 at South Medford High. Note: Esther noticed while preparing the minutes that a typo in budget information presented to the board was $540 short and instead of $6,840 budgeted for School Program, it should be $7,380. This error will be on agenda for additional vote at next board meeting. All participants (both teachers and helpers) will need to successful pass a background check through the school.
  4. Membership Report: Report pulled from website shows 37 members in good standing as of 8/31/2014. We have two new Social Dance Teachers. (Tina Ferris and Jennifer Berry). Esther will have membership information at the Dance Festival in October where we hope to sign up new members. These membership numbers were not available at the time of board meeting. I list them here to draw attention to our declining membership.

August 2013 48 members (4 teachers)

August 2014 37 members (6 teachers)


  1. Chapter Web Site: Esther will make a real effort to update chapter website. She has talked to Jennifer Berry about helping and they will get together on Wednesday morning. Larry suggested we include all community dance events to make our site more valuable to members and the dancing public. Esther followed up with a phone call to 3 visitors on the site who requested more information about dance in the Rogue Valley.

  2. Chapter Face Book Page: Esther has had a phone conversation with (Stephanie) past chapter president and just today received the admin information for the chapter face book page.

  3. Google Account: Stephanie also send information and passwords for a Google Account.

  4. Dance Festival: Esther will have a ballroom dress rental booth and include membership information. The proceeds will go to USA Dance this year instead of Jazz Festival.

  5. Ashland YMCA Dance: Esther received a call from Dale Swire who is the main person hoping to organize and host regular monthly tea dances in Ashland. He wanted to know if we have an opinion on the 3 musicians that played at Imperial Ballroom in Medford last Tuesday evening. We hope this effort is successful and will give our support as needed.


  1. Larry suggested that we follow up with board members who have missed meetings.Esther will make those phone calls for next meeting but would like to assign that task to another board member. [i]

  2. New social dance teacher member, Jennifer Berry will be starting Salsa and Latin classes at the Evergreen in September and we will help her spread the word.

  3. We discussed hosting a Salsa dance at the Evergreen on 2nd Friday.Tanya will mention it to Richard Houston who has a Argentine Tango class at the same time and see if he considers it a problem to have a second dance on same night.Esther will contact Evergreen and see if the small side of ballroom is available and what it would cost.[ii]


  1. USA Dance Eugene/Springfield (Chapter #1010) is holding a Tea Dance on Sunday, September 14, 2014 with Mike and Gail Zera of Corvallis teaching beginning plus Viennese Waltz. No lessons, just dancing at the Veterans' Memorial Club in Eugene, OR. ($3 for USA Dance members and $5 for others)

  2. USA Dance Redwood Coast (Chapter #4013) is celebrating 20 years of social dance in Humbolt County on Saturday, September 20th with Polka Lesson by Stefan And Becky Fisher at 6:30. Live music by Donna Landry & Swing Set from 7:30 to 10:30 at Redwood Raks in Arcata, CA. ($5 for USA Dance members and $10 for others)

  3. Jennifer Berry: Esther received an email from Cori encouraging the chapter to promote the newest dance teacher. Her Salsa classes start at 7:35 pm on Mon, Sep 15th and International Latin (Samba) classes start on Tuesday, Sep 2nd.


Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 6th.


Meeting adjourned at 7:23 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Esther Freeman, chapter president and acting secretary.

[i] Esther called Tara who would have attended but did not receive notice of the meeting.

[ii] Esther contacted Cori at Evergreen. The Latin room is available for 2nd Friday of month at a special rate of $15 per hour. We need to make a commitment before Sep 2 to be on the October calendar.