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Minutes - Chapter #1011 2014 08-25

Esther Freeman (Esther is currently servicing as chapter president and secretary. She has been a USA Dance chapter member since 1995)

USA Dance Chapter #1011

Board Meeting

Monday, August 25, 2014 - 6:00 PM

Freeman Home in Medford, Oregon


Esther called meeting to order at 6:12 and welcomed 8 board members, 1 committee chair and 2 unexpected visitors. All chapter members are welcome to attend meetings provided they notify meeting organizer that they wish to attend.


  1. Esther Freeman, President
  2. Jenny Childers, Vice President
  3. Tanya DeHart, Treasurer
  4. Jean-Paul Baarsma, Board Member
  5. Jeri Capuzo, Board Member
  6. Maie Grynick, Board Member
  7. June Kranenburg, Board Member
  8. Larry Nadig, Board Member


  1. Tara Behnke, Board Member

Also attending:

  1. Marilee Grimm, Scholarship Committee Chair(541) 830-3215

  2. Bill Grimm, Scholarship Committee Member

  3. Susan Dallas, Scholarship Committee Member


    Motion by Esther to approve meetings of July 14, 2014 and August 18, 2014. Seconded by Jenny and motion carried unanimously. Marilee asked to be included on copies of minutes. Susan Dallas asked to have her email address corrected to (note 3-l's)


  1. Esther notified the board that as a member of Past President's Council, she will be attending the USA Dance Governing Council meeting in Chicago on September 27 and 28. There will be no cost to chapter.
  2. Esther reminded board members to be thinking about the 2015 election that will be held later this year. Hopefully all board members will continue to serve through 2015 but if not they should be on the lookout for their replacement.


  1. Finalize Budget. This was tabled until next board meeting.
  2. Plan a dance for members from 6/18/2014 meeting. A dancer(and previous USA Dance member) is trying to put together a monthly dance in Ashland at the YMCA. The chapter board is willing to help with this event.
  3. Consider a "teach the teacher's program" from 6/18/2014 meeting. This topic will be tabled until our finances are a bit more stable.
  4. Continue working on chapter policies from 6/30/2014 meeting. This is ongoing and as the board discusses and votes on topics, they automatically become an ongoing policy. At some point, the board will formally approve the policies.
  5. Continue working to gain access to chapter facebook page from 6/30/2014 meeting. Esther is working with Efrosyni at the national level to gain access to the admin part of chapter facebook page.
  6. Come up with a "meaningful" membership drive from 6/30/2014 meeting. This is an immediate concern.
  7. National Ballroom Dance Week in September from 6/30/2014 meeting. It was noted that it is too late for chapter to plan anything. Marilee noted that Cori does something every year. Board members should check her website if they'd like to offer assistance.
  8. Help where needed at the Medford Dance Festival in October from 6/30/2014 meeting. June noted that Donn Knokey spoke to her about it and does not need any help from USA Dance. However, he has asked Esther to bring the ballgowns and a USA Dance table will be set up in conjunction with that. Last year, Esther donated the money to the Jazz Festival but this year, it will be a fund raiser for the chapter K-12 program.
  9. Plan for chapter's 20th anniversary celebration from 6/30/2014 meeting. Tabled for the time being
  10. Send representative to President's meeting in Portland on Oct 12, 2014 from 6/30/2014 meeting. Esther noted that the Portland meeting and the national staff is considering holding that meeting in Medford on the same date.
  11. Change signers on bank account at Umpqua Bank from 6/30/2014 meeting. Esther will go to the bank on Thursday of this week and make that change.
  12. Redo documents for school dance program from 6/30/2014 meeting. Esther will work on that right away and have it ready for next meeting.
  13. Redo documents for scholarship program from 6/30/2014 meeting. Esther has asked Marilee for those documents in Word so she can modify the originals and not have to retype everything.
  14. Review Cori's extensive emails for the youth competition program and understand what we can manage to fund from 6/30/2014 meeting. We discussed this but can't not really answer questions until we have an approved budget.
  15. Chapter board will approve all scholarship requests from 6/30/2014 meeting. This was discussed in detail. The new board members have a better understanding of what is involved and board decisions is pending.
  16. Chapter will consider free group classes for USA Dance members from 6/30/2014 meeting. This was discussed and will be tabled until our finances are more stable.


Tanya report that there are not changes since the treasurers report last meeting.


  1. SCHOLARSHIP: Marilee gave a scholarship report which was very helpful to the newer board members who are finding themselves in a position of trying to understand history and present needs for chapter.
  2. COMPETITION: Board understands the pressing need to get budget information to Cori so she can work on fall plans.
  3. SCHOOL K-12 Program: June reports that the fall session will begin at N Medford HS on September 3rd.

OLD BUSINESS: Discussion regarding Cori's email of 8/8/2014 and Esther's response of 8/21/14. It appears that the emails need a semi colon instead of a comma between the email address.



We will be accumulating dance events and posting them on our website in an effort to educate our dancers where they can find dance opportunities.


Next meeting is set for Monday, September 1, 2014 at 6:00 PM


Meeting adjourned at 7:58 PM

Minutes respectfully submitted by Esther Freeman, Chapter Treasurer