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Minutes - Chapter #1011 2012 01-22

Secretary (Dorene Goin)

USA Dance #1011
Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
Marie Calendars Medford
Sunday, January 22, 2011 – 3:00-4:30 pm


QUORUM of at least 5 from current list of Board members as long as 3 officers are present
a. Stephanie Hampton, President Present
b. Dave Kahn, Vice President Present
c. Dorene Goin, Secretary Present
d. Tanya Dehart, Treasurer Absent
e. Rush Behnke, board member Absent
f. Marcia Boeckl, board member Present
g. Larry Gibson, board member Absent
h. Emilie Sampson, board member Absent
i. Charlene Stewart, board member Present
Guests: John Hampton, Susan Dallas, and June Kranenburg

Dorene made a motion to approve the minutes as read, being no corrections. Stephanie seconded. MOTION CARRIED.

There was no report in absence of treasurer.

a. Membership – Chair-Marilee
Marilee reported by email to secretary:
77 total membership,
2 New members: Susan Koury & Vickie Young because of the dress rental
3 Memberships expired
Stephanie said she would like to push to have local instructors to be members, and Dorene said that it would be wise to also ask all instructors to join at the instructor level instead of social dance. It is just a bit more expensive but would give them an edge on recruitment of students
Also, Stephanie would like to see applications at next year's DWTRVS and all other Dances in the area. Chair suggested we ask local instructors to all offer $1 off for entry like the Tango night does if they are members of USA Dance.
We discussed possibility of having a membership sub-committee to actively pursue more members and also, offer a press kit. This will be put on next month's agenda.
b. Dance/Special Events – Chair- Emilie (Rush and Pam, Donn, Dave)
1) Begin Spring Fling planning (Date 3/24/12) Dave presented flyers for approval and will put the USA Dance Logo on the flyer and mention the USA Dance partnership in Heading. Dave moved and Stephanie seconded that we accept the proposal again this year to pay SO Swing $200 for the event and pay $50 for Ben and Tara to teach. MOTION CARRIED.
2) Stephanie talked about what are the most successful Dance events and suggests we consider adding one dance at least this year. Possibly masquerade, and partner with a non-profit like "Make a Wish" or "Wounded Warrior". Put this on next month's agenda.
3) Appoint new Chair – Dave consented to be chair with June's help

c. Website/Newsletter – Chair-Dorene
Dorene reported that the web is up and running and encourage all who go out there to give feedback. Dave said it is impressive. John suggested offering a form for dance instructors to fill out when they want to be listed. This would have the ":less than 250 characters" right on it.
Dorene said she would still like to get all dances in the valley entered on a regular basis. Considering reporting "live music" categories also.

d. Public Relations – Chair-Donn
1) News CH12 KDRV: Stephanie suggested we check into this community Chock board.
2) Health Fair 2013 information – Stephanie presented a flyer and ask we consider this event for next year. They gave us $50 off coupon on $150 nonprofit price. Dave moved and Dorene seconded that we do this. Discussion followed. Stephanie committed to man the booth both days and Susan said she would help. The event is Jan 26 & 27 2013. MOTION CARRIED. Dorene will submit the form to Tanya to send in with the $100.
3) Presentation Kit for new Members and a card to send out welcoming new members. Tabled.

e. Scholarship – Chair-Marilee (Frances Brandt, Karen Knokey, Paul DeHart, Susan Dallas)
Marilee reported by email to Secretary who reported:
"Our committee will be meeting later this month to review procedures and look at the possibility of the school project in conjunction with DWTRVS. We will then report back to the board.
Summary for 2011:
24 scholarships awarded in 2011
$2,344 in scholarships awarded ($745 not yet redeemed-$500 are for Pear Blossom-valid until 3/31/2012)
Balance in Scholarship fund: $4,095.69."

f. DWTRVS- Chair- Rush (Marilee, Emilie, Bill Grimm, Pam, Donn, Matt Sampson) Tabled.

g. K-12 Program Chair-June Kranenburg (Jeri Capuzo, Esther Freeman, Pam & Emilie)
June reported that since she feels it would be a conflict of interest for her to head this program up since she would like to teach some classes, she supports the following: Esther Freeman submitted a written proposal for board to appoint a Youth Outreach Coordinator for the purpose of coordinating youth partner dancing in the Rogue Valley. Dave made a motion and Dorene seconded that the proposal be accepted and Esther be appointed the Youth Outreach Coordinator and aggressively plan for next fall. MOTION CARRIED. A report will be submitted at the next meeting for approval. (Written proposal attached to minutes).
h. Communications Chair – Stephanie (John Hampton, Emilie)
i. Bi Laws Committee Chair- Dorene (Marcia) (tabled and taken off reg. agenda
Bi-Laws are National – and need to be followed by Chapters so ongoing committee not necessary.

a. K-12 Program/Scholarship - Esther Freeman appointed Youth Outreach Coordinator as outlined above under K:12 Program.
b. Recognition for Jeff Palpant- Donn will provide amount. Tabled.
c. National Chapter Conference March 1-4 – Dallas -
Dorene suggested we provide funds for Stephanie to attend the Chapter Conference and although
the cost was not presented, she said the Registration is $195 and half of the airline is paid by the Corporate. Discussion followed. Dorene made a motion and Charlene seconded to send our President, Stephanie to Chapter Conference with chapter funds. MOTION CARRIED.
d. Logos and Shared Events – Stephanie – Tabled since Stephanie hasn't heard from Corporate contact.

a. Conflict of Interest -
Dorene stated that due to our non- profit status,
1. It is a good practice to establish the guidelines for our chapter that fit our National Policy.
2. Each person board member of committee member who has personal gain from a decision needs to announce it once a year and abstain in any vote pertaining to that issue.
3. This was postponed due to lack of time until next meeting.
b. Committee assignments – Dave was appointed Chair of the Dance/Special Events
d. Chapter Annual Report – due Feb 28th – tabled because Tanya absent.
June ask for volunteers to help judge the Pear Blossom contests on Feb 25th and 31st. Dave and Stephanie offered to help.
Next meeting time and place will be Sunday, Feb 26 at 3 p.m.

7. ADJOURN The meeting was adjourned at 4:35 p.m.