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Minutes - Chapter #1011 2011 12-19

Secretary (

USA Dance #1011
Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
Marie Calendar"s Medford
Dec 19, 2011 - 5:00PM
QUORUM of at least 5 from current list of Board members as long as 3 officers are present
a. Marilee Grimm President PRESENT
b. Dave Kahn, Vice President PRESENT
c. Dorene Goin, Secretary PRESENT
d. Tanya Dehart, Treasurer PRESENT
e. Marcia Boeckl, board member PRESENT
f. Pam Zaklan, board member ABSENT
g. Donn Knokey, board member PRESENT
h. Emilie Sampson, board member PRESENT
i. Rush Behnke, Past President PRESENT
j. Stephanie Hampton, New board member PRESENT
k. Charlene Stewart, New board member PRESENT
l. Larry Gibson board appointee PRESENT

A motion was made by Emilie and seconded by Marcia to approve the minutes. MOTION CARRIED

Tanya reported as follows:
Beginning balance $12,004.66
Outgoing checks 295.00
Incoming 5.50
Ending balance $11,715.16
Don made a motion to approve the Treasurer"s Report and Marcia seconded. MOTION CARRIED

a. Membership – Chair-Tanya - Tanya could not download the membership from the National website so she did not have a report however it is around 72
b. Dance – Chair- Emilie (Rush and Pam, Donn, Dave)
1) Begin Spring Fling planning (Date 3/24/12) –Emilie reported that there has been no planning beyond what we heard last meeting
c. Website/Newsletter – Chair-Dorene and John Hampton – Dorene reported the website has still been in the waiting stages and will be finished by the next meeting. She and John will meet after Christmas
d. Public Relations – Chair- Donn – Donn reported he is still talking to greeters and welcomes input from any other groups on advertising for them also. Rush suggested to have instructors submit points of interest to talk about for their groups.
e. Scholarship – Chair-Marilee (Frances Brandt, Karen Knokey, Paul DeHart, Susan Dallas- Marilee submitted A report and said that the Pear Blossom participants have a year to use the scholarships and many have not been cashed yet. She also reported that 24 scholarships have been awarded in the amount of $2344.00 and incoming of $4170.60 and for the year a positive balance of $1826.60. There was a previous balance however and the true balance in the Scholarship Fund is $4095.69.
f. DWTRVS- Chair- Rush (Marilee, Emilie, Bill Grimm, Pam, Donn, Matt Sampson) Rush was given a warm applause before he reported that the partnership between the Sparrow Clubs and USA Dance is a "partnership made in heaven" and the possibilities are limitless. He stated that the donation from the Sparrow Club this year will be close to $10,000.00 and the next year expectations of donations will go up. There is a contract in the works and, although not quite ready, it will be soon. He also said that we need to step up in the Scholarship program in order to put the extra money to good use. Dorene stated that she had a vision as she sat in the program that we could come in on the coat tails of the Sparrow Club and support K-12 Program in the schools and teaching many more students and have them perform during the program at the DWTRVS next year. Marilee said she is willing to take it to the committee and revise the Committee Rules to help implement that program. She suggested starting out small with possibly 3 schools and teach the same dance and have a competition and bring the winners to the next DWTRVS.
Tanya said that she would like to give thanks to June Kranenburg for all the work she did for DWTRVS.
g. K-12 Program Chair-June Kranenburg (Jeri Capuzo, Esther Freeman, Pam & Emilie)
Dave asked if we could get something going on this and he would be willing to work with the school programs. Emilie and also John Hampton said they also are willing and John has something going like this now. Dorene said that Jeri Capuzo has a dance program going in a school right now also.
h. Communications Chair – Stephanie (John Hampton, Emilie) - Stephanie said she is waiting to put out posters until the web site and Newsletters are up. Dave reported an upcoming SO Swing Convention on May 18-20 and ask for support in advertising and supporting the event locally. Marilee suggested we put this on the Website and in the Newsletter. Stephanie announced that if anyone wants private lessons with Pros they contact her so she can arrange it.
i. Bi Laws Committee: Chair-Dorene (Marcia) – Tabled until after the holidays.
a. Shared Events and logos - Marilee said that Stephanie is communicating with someone on Corporate to get an answer on this
b. Recognition for Jeff Palpant- Donn reported he has talked to Dale and believes Jeff would be pleased to receive the recognition. An amount will be submitted at the next meeting.
c. Review Yearly Planning Calendar-look at first quarter – Marilee went through the events of the first three months and reminded us to keep these events in mind in order not to fall behind on them.
o Finalize Chapter annual report for National due
o Review Pear Blossom reward
o National Chapter Conference March 1-4 – Dallas - Marilee asked for interests to go to National Chapter Conference – Stephanie is interested this year. We will put this on the agenda next month.

a. Elections of officers
The following officers were elected by individual vote:
President, Stephanie Hampton
Vice President, Dave Kahn
Secretary, Dorene Goin
Treasurer, Tanya Dehart
b. Committee assignments - the committee assignments are the task of the incoming President, Marilee offered to still do the Scholarship and take back the Membership Committee. Dave suggested he would be interested in the K-12 PROGRAM and so did John. Rush offered to step down as Chair for DWTRVS if someone wants it and Emilie said, if it is not a conflict of interest (since she is married to Matt Sampson of the Sparrow Club) she would be interested.
c. Welcome to Incoming Board and outgoing Pres. Speech - Marillee thanked everyone for the support this year and the board thanked her for her leadership. She asked Dorene to hand out the "So your are on the Board - What Now?" to all new officers who did not receive it.
d. Appointment of ninth board member – Stephanie appointed Larry Gibson.

a. Next meeting time and place will be Sunday, January 22, 3:00 at Marie Calandar"s
b. Rush announced the DWTRVS will air on Channel 12 on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
c. Dave made an announcement that SO Swing Convention will be held in Medford May 18-20 at The Imperial Event Center, 40 N. Front Street, He asked for all to advertise it and to support the actual event.
Dorene moved and Dave Seconded that the meeting be adjourned. MOTION CARRIED.