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Minutes - Chapter #1011 2011 03-06


USA Dance #1011
Monthly Board Meeting
Marie Calendars Medford
March 6. 2011 - 3:00PM
QUORUM of at least 5 from current list of Board members as long as 3 officers are present
a. Marilee Grimm President PRESENT
b. Donn Knokey, Vice President PRESENT
c. Dorene Goin, Secretary, PRESENT
d. Tanya Dehart, Treasurer ABSENT
e. Marcia Boeckl, board member PRESENT
f. Pam Zaklan, board member ABSENT
g. Dave Kahn, board member PRESENT
h. Emilie Sampson, board member ABSENT
i. Rush Behnke, Past President PRESENT

a. Motion was made by Dorene and seconded by Rush to approve the minutes. MOTION CARRIED.

a. In Tanya's absence, Marilee gave report and Marilee moved to approve and Marcia seconded. MOTION CARRIED.
Beginning balance $8131.79
Deposit from RVS 4169.77
Ending balance as of 2/28 12,337.56

a. Membership – Chair-Tanya -Marilee distributed a list of members names and addresses
b. Dance – Chair- Emilie (Rush and Pam) Dave reported in Emilee's absence. We will do similar dance this year with Jason and Yvonne and also to provide workshops during the day. It was mentioned to have it on June 4th since Jason and Yvonne are available that weekend.
c. Newsletter – Chair- There is no chair right now. Charlene is not able to do it this year and Marilee will send this out to the membership for volunteers.
d. Website – Chair- Dorene reported that she has contacted Barb Baruso who has sent an email saying that Google will send me a password so I can update the calendar. Goal is to have that done by next meeting. She also stated that Barb said if we have any updates to send them to her and she will change them since she does not have the time to train Dorene at this time.
e. Public Relations – Chair- Donn – mostly with Greeters on Thur. afternoon from 4-7 at the Red Lion on April 21st. Donn will take USA Dance Magazines from the desk at Evergreen. The Chamber of Commerce membership is due and Dorene will ask Esther if the national will pay that again.
f. Scholarship – Chair-Marilee (Frances Brandt, Karen Knokey, Paul DeHart) Marilee reported that the figures now match after all the changing of the accounts. There will be maybe interest difference but she reported a balance of $5852.43.
g. DWTRVS- Chair- Rush (Marilee, Dale Everson, Bill Grimm, & Matt Sampson) Rush reported that the head of Radio Medford Joe Mussio asked to be the main sponsor for the DWTRVS next year. So we now have Channel 12 and also Radio Medford. It is planned for Nov. 12th (second Sat. of each year). Dave will offer himself to be the instructor to help with the West Coast Swing part of the DWTRVS. Rush will set up a Committee meeting before next meeting.
h. K-12 Program Chair-June Kranenburg (Jeri Capuzo, Esther Freeman, Pam & Emilie) – Postponed until next meeting since June is unable to attend.
4. OLD BUSINESS a. Web site update- Reported above under Committee reports.
b. Audit – Dorene and Marcia will be on the committee to go over the last two years books. Dorene will contact Tanya and Marcia to set up a time to do that.

a. Spring Fling Dance-Emilie- Dave will check with Emilie about the pros. The date is confirmed for Saturday, June 4th. Donn and possibly Jeri will be willing to get prizes for the dance. Jason and Yvonne have just won a major event are will draw from other areas also. We could advertise this in SO Swing's newsletter and also on the web. Donn said he would like to see the big screen TV used more for events in the Evergreen Ballroom. Donn made motion that if it is being used in the Evergreen for a USA Dance member instructor or board member that we do not charge anything for it. If it is going out of the ballroom, the fee will be $10 per day. Rush seconded. MOTION CARRIED.
b. Hawaiian Theme Dance/Golf Tournament-Emilie - Do we want the golf tournament together or separate. Donn suggested on the same day and he will handle the golf part. Also he suggests that sponsors be given free tickets to get in. (Many do not dance but it may promote dancing to them). Donn will check with Cori Grimm and Emilie and Stewart Meadows on dates. Aug 27th is the proposed date. Stewart Meadows has worked for us and will be the golf course.
c. Appoint new Vice President - Donn will keep this position for the time being.
d. Action on new items- There was a discussion on how to make decisions more proactively. We will think about how to word a motion and Dorene will come prepared to form a precise wording so we can vote next meeting.
e. Distribute member info – Marilee distributed updated forms with email.
f. Dorene will send an invitation for members who are interested to sign up to get a copy of the minutes.
g. Dorene suggested that we put on the agenda whether we should be on Facebook.

a. Donn reported that he and Karen and Donn did well in the competition in Sacramento.
b. Next meeting time and place - April 3rd at 3 p.m. at Marie Calendar's.
a. Donn made motion to adjourn and Dorene seconded. MOTION CARRIED. 65 minutes