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Minutes - Chapter #1011 2011 01-30


USA Dance #1011
Monthly Board Meeting
Marie Calendars Medford
Jan. 30, 2011 - 1:00PM

QUORUM of at least 5 from current list of Board members as long as 3 officers are present
1) Rush Behnke, President - present
2) Donn Knokey, Vice President
3) Dorene Goin, Secretary - present
4) Tanya Dehart, Treasurer -- present
5) Marilee Grimm, Scholarship & Membership Chair -- present
6) Marcia Boeckl, Board Member -- present
7) Pam Zaklan, Board Member - - present
8) Dave Kahn, Board Member - present
9) Emilie Sampson, Board Member - present

Dorene made motion to approve the minutes and it is seconded by Marcia. MOTION CARRIED.

Tanya reported the beginning balance as of 12/1 was $8301 and ending balance as of 12/31 2010 was $8312. Of that amount $1962 is scholarship.

1) Membership - Chaired by Marilee 80 members current; 3 new since last meeting
2) Dance - Chair needed. Duties – plan dances and recruit volunteers
3) Newsletter –need new chair
4) Website – new chair needed (Dorene volunteered) – SOUSA not complete to link from nationals yet. Rush suggested we can do a calendar through Google calendar and schedule through that and it would upload to our site.
5) Public Relations – Donn Knokey (still willing to serve in this capacity)
6) Scholarship - Chaired by Marilee Review – Instructors fill out nomination form, cert. comes to treasury and funds go to instructors. Pam asked if there is a way to communicate to more students about this program.
7) Dancing with the Rogue Valley Stars - Chaired by Rush -Reported we start in April meeting. Many businesses have asked to be sponsors and one asked to be premier sponsor. June commented that the music was off as much as 2 beats on video presentation and Rush said it was dubbed in over the original because of the outside noises. Suggest they revisit that concept for next year. 5 min

1) a. Web site update-
2) Delores has not done the 2009 audit so Tanya will check and ask her to do the two years if she is still interested and, if not, we will form committee since it is not necessary to have a paid audit.

a. Appoint new President and Vice President Dorene made motion we appoint Marilee as President and she accepted until the end of term. Also she asked that someone who would train for President would be President next year. Tanya seconded it. MOTION CARRIED
b. Since there was no one to step into the Vice President position, we will table that until next month.
c. K-12 Program – June has asked that we get involved with the K-12 – June will study the rules and approach the schools she has already dealt with schools in the past and has some contacts. Pam suggested she schedule an ADMIN meeting and ask for interest. June asked for consideration of possible funds from scholarship to help supplement the program. She also mentioned that there are grants available. The committee working with June will be Pam, Emilie, Jerri, and Esther.
d. Other positions open:
• Newsletter editor – Charlene may be willing to do the newsletter on quarterly basis with help. Pam volunteered to help her.
• Dance committee Chair – Marilee has forms to pass on to assist the new Chair. Emilie will chair and Pam and Rush will help
• Website chair/web master – Dorene will be chair
• Membership contact person – Marilee would train new person – Tanya volunteered
e. Pear Blossom Pageant & Ballroom Dance Competition – Marilee – scholarship program for ballroom dance competitions Preliminaries are Sat Feb, 26th, and Competition is on March 26th – cash prizes of $1,000 donated by Jeff are already in – suggest we have scholarships donated by USA Dance. Rush made a motion we donate $500 with $50 per student Scholarship (for each dancer in the couples placing 1st through 5th place) to be used within 1 year. Emilie seconded. MOTION CARRIED

a. Next meeting time and place – Sunday, March 6th at 3 p.m. at Marie Calendars.

a. Rush made motion to adjourn and Emilie seconded. MOTION CARRIED.