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Minutes - Chapter #1011 2009 11-18


USA Dance #1011
Minutes - Monthly Board Meeting
Marie Calendar's Restaurant in Medford
November 18, 2009
1. OPENING: by President, Rush Behnke at 5:35 pm
2. QUORUM of at least 3 from current list of Board members:
a. Rush Behnke, President PRESENT
b. Donn Knokey, Vice President PRESENT
c. Dorene Goin, Secretary PRESENT
d. Esther Freeman, Treasurer PRESENT
e. Jeri Capuzo, Past President PRESENT
f. Nancy Yie PRESENT
g. Marilee Grimm, Scholarship Chair, Memb, Co-Chair PRESENT
h. George Helfrick, Co Chair of Website ABSENT
i. Charlene Stewart, Newsletter editor ABSENT
j. Susan Dallas, Board Member PRESENT
k. Guests attending were
i. Bill Grimm, Member
ii. Robin McMillin, Member
iii. Kamp Kaye
iv. Jerry Pariseau, Member

3. MINUTES OF Sept. and Oct. MEETING: Marilee ask that the secretary add in #6, a. after events "instructors and board members". The changes were noted and a motion was made by Donn and seconded by Nancy to approve minutes as corrected. MOTION CARRIED.

4. TREASURERS REPORT: Ending bank balances total $5457.91
a. Sterling Savings Bank - Scholarship Fund $ 518.66
b. Sterling Savings Bank – Dance Friends $4864.25
c. Sterling Savings Bank – Total $5382.91
d. Cash Account $ 75.00

5. COMMITTEE REPORTS: Rush briefly discussed activity of each committee.
a. Membership –Chaired by Marilee. Marilee handed out a 'list of membership' and reported there are currently 81 members and all are paid up through Sept and October with exception of George Helfrick (who cannot be a board member without being a member). Rush will contact him. Also Arlen and Tina are being notified of due memberships
b. Dance – There was discussion about Cori's email dated Oct 9th asking for members of USA dance take over the monthly Live Band Dances. She said she did not want this to be an all out USA Dance event. Discussion followed. Rush and Susan agreed to be on a committee to check into this. There is a December meeting so they will need to check into this soon and report back to the board.
c. Newsletter – Chaired by Charlene
d. Website – Co-Chaired by George and Arlen
e. Public Relations –
f. Scholarship – Chaired by Marilee. Marilee read a thank you note from Isabeau Kennedy and Bronson Samuel-Garloff for the scholarship. Marilee also said there is another one coming.
g. Dancing with the Rogue Valley Stars – Rush reported that approximately $15,000 gross profit was made from the event and there will be about $10,000 net profit. The event was a sold out event and very successful. Rush reported that several people have already contacted him and are interested in being involved next year. Marilee volunteered to send out thank you notes to the Matt Sampson at the Sparrow Club, Jeff Riley at Channel 5 and instructors who worked so hard, including Cori Grimm, June Kranenburg and Tina Ferris. Rush suggested we form a committee for next year and begin working on the next event. Marilee, Susan, Kamp and Robin have agreed to be on this committee.

a. Merilee reported that the DVD player purchased for instructors and board members to use to promote dancing in the area is being stored at the ballroom and Donn will be in charge of the usage. Anyone wishing to use it needs to contact Donn.
b. Rush Behnke, President had to leave and Vice President, Donn Knokey continued as chair

a. In response to a request from Susan there was discussion of whether to loan USA Dance equipment and supplies to outside groups. Jeri spoke up against it and stated that we have never loaned supplies to groups hosting events outside the Evergreen. She also reported many of the table cloths came up missing and some had holes and melted wax on them after groups had borrowed them. These supplies will be needed for the NY Eve Dance on Dec 31st and Jeri wants to have them clean and in good shape for that dance. Esther made a motion that we do not lend out the equipment this year. It was seconded by Nancy. MOTION CARRIED.
b. WCS teacher's memberships – Donn are aware of this problem and will resolve the WCS Memberships.
c. Tea dances (No discussion)
d. Christmas tree set up and decoration. Jeri noted that for the USA Dance event on December 31st we will not want the Christmas tree as it gets in the way of other decorating. Susan will take responsibility and a tentative set up time is next Wednesday afternoon the 25th.
e. Secretary and treasurer positions to fill. Esther reminded the board that it is the duty of board members to find members for the board and then within the board hold election and elect officers. It was suggested that Rush send an email to all members of USA Dance to ask if anyone wants to serve and Nancy will be the contact. Dorene said she has not resigned and will be willing to be secretary again if she is not expected to be at the December meeting. Nancy will fill in as secretary for the December meeting and will go off the board at the end of the year. Esther agreed to train Tina or anyone who wants to take over the treasury position next year.
f. USA Dance Scholarship in March 2010. The Hazelwood scholarship fund will reimburse each chapter 50% of airline coach fair for one person. Board will check into the cost and Donn suggested we send Rush to Nationals in March in Las Vegas
g. Discussion on ASCAP fees and national Insurance for events through USA Dance. Esther noted that although the national board is working on a contract with ASCAP that will cover all Chapter events, nothing is in place yet. She also reminded us that the corporate liability insurance is available for USA Dance events only. Esther also reported that June plans to proceed with the USA Dance Holiday Dance at the Rogue Valley Mall in December. She will call USA Dance central office to get a "Certificate of Insurance".

8. Announcements and adjournment
a. Next meeting is scheduled for December 16, 2009 at 5:30 PM at Marie Calendar's Restaurant in Medford.
b. A Motion was made by Marilee and seconded by Susan to adjourn. MOTION CARRIED. Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary, Dorene Goin