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Community Dance Instructors

Please notify us if you find any information needs to be added or updated! (this list, of course, is always under development)

Our chapter is governed under the rules, policies, and guidelines of our national governing body, USA Dance, Inc. Please review our neutrality policy and other important information.

June Kranenburg
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June, joined USA Dance in 1995 as a founding member of the chapter and has taught dance in the community for over thirty years. She currently serves on the USA Dance Board and is the driving force in our school dance programs.

Tanya DeHart
more » Tanya DeHart

Tanya DeHart is a long time member of USA Dance and has a strong background in both Country/Western and Ballroom. A teacher for over fifteen years in both public and private lessons.

Dave Kahn
more » Dave Kahn

Dave, USA Dance Instructor and USA Dance member since 2006, has an energetic following of West Coast Swing dancers and also teaches East Coast Swing, Salsa, Night Club 2-Step and Cowboy 2-step.

Jean-Paul Baarsma
more » Jean-Paul Baarsma

Jean-Paul, USA Dance Instructor and USA Dance member since 2013. He is currently serving on the USA Dance Chapter Board. He and his partner Judith Bedford have been teaching many styles of Argentine Tango in the Rogue Valley area for ten years.

Tina Ferris
more » Tina Ferris

Tina Ferris, a long time member of USA Dance and strong supporter at the Evergreen Balloom in its early days. She has has been teaching dance to competitors, performers and social dancers for over 20 years.

Jennifer Berry
more » Jennifer Berry

Social USA Dance Instructor who specializes in International Latin but also teached Smooth, Standard, Salsa and East Coast Swing. She teaches group and private lessons.

Cori Grimm
more » Cori Grimm

Cori, is an accomplished and enthusiastic dancer as well as an excellent teacher. She loves to help new dancers get out on the floor, and become comfortable and confident.